Turn on Your StemLIGHT!

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Stemlight Center


We offer premium Holistic Wellness services, industry leading products and faith based care to support mind, body, spirit longevity and optimal well being. Our clinic offers Human Umbilical Cord Tissue products.





Our Mission


StemLIGHT Mission:

To support children, family and our United States Veterans in self-healing through Holistic practices and Regenerative Tissue therapy for longevity and optimal well being. 


A holistic wellness center to support family’s mind, body, and spirit optimal wellbeing. We offer services and programs to support a thriving life condition, inside and out! 


We desire to walk in the light of God as Jesus taught and serve our clients with loving care, professional expertise and spiritual consciousness. 


Holistic Wellness Services

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Supporting The Optimal Well Being of Women, Children and Family. 

StemLIGHT Holistic Wellness Center offers Regenerative Medicine treatments using Human Cells and Tissue Product (HUCT) for homologous purpose.

The StemLIGHT services menu includes:


 Meet the Team


Danielle Edmondson
Founder, CEO

Hi! I am Danielle Edmondson the Founder, CEO of Angelosophy and the Stemlight Center. I am a Lifestyle Medicine Coach supporting women and children for the past 15 years. I have been working toward my dream to own and operate a holistic wellness retreat center to support the overall wellbeing of women and families. And my dream has been realized by opening the first location for Stemlight in Willow Park, Texas where we offer Lifestyle Medicine and Integrative Cell Therapy.

I have a calling to support children in self-healing who have been diagnosed with chronic and systemic disease. My passion is to nurture children in their God-given nature through creativity, nature and biblical teachings while supporting their well being.

I believe “with God all things are possible!” There are thousands of personal testimonies sharing the miracle transformation stories of dis-eased or injured bodies that have completely healed after receiving HUCT procedures. I am so blessed God has me on this path to support people’s wellbeing with this biotechnology and lifestyle medicine we offer at Stemlight to support the overall mind, body and spirit for a person to have quality longevity in their life.

I am passionate about supporting families through my lifestyle medicine program at Stemlight! Come share your journey to wellness with me and connect, learn and live life in optimal well being! “Turn on your Stemlight!” 


Dr. R. David Calvo
Medical Director

Dr. Calvo is the Medical Director for Stemlight. He has followed an aggressive career-path from basic science, graduating with his B.S. and subsequently M.S. at the University of Texas at Austin and Houston’s M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, ultimately gaining acceptance to the Medical School, Surgical and Orthopaedic residencies in the famed Texas Medical Center, at his third UT institution, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Following two post-graduate fellowships in advanced orthopaedic surgery, his basic biological background led him throughout thirty four years of orthopaedic surgery practice, back to his roots in cellular biology where over the last ten years of his orthopaedic practice he began understanding and implementing the value of nutrition, hormonal balance, stem cells, platelet rich plasma and growth factors and their application to repair and restoration of degenerative and injured human tissues.

The foundation is based upon a sound philosophy of building and restoring you nutritionally, hormonally, physically and emotionally into the best functionally you can be. Form follows function. His expansion of study and understanding of the benefits of omni-potential, non-pharmaceutical elements from your own body, takes much the risk out of recovering, healing and improving one’s condition.

Whether you have an injury, a chronic condition or a desire to improve your form or function. Veritas Beauty and Wellness Institute offers a vast and growing array of maintenance, regenerative and therapeutic, scientifically based processes that are the best that science has to offer.  

His talented hands and mind offer a one of a kind experience to his valued clientele. 


Danica Jordan

After completing her residency in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative medicine, Dr. Jordan began seeing patients for a visiting physician company. She would see patients in their homes, assisted living apartments and nursing homes. She would also complete Hospice examinations, so she became very familiar with Hospice care. Dr. Jordan’s current office is in Weatherford, where she has a growing Family Medicine practice. Her heart for service has led her to this wonderful venture, where she can oversee the care of many patients in need of excellent care from the comfort of their own home.


Kimberly Hilmer

Kim is Stemlight Center’s Medical Team Director. She has worked in the medical profession for over 20 years with a background in gastroenterology, including hepatology, and emergency medicine. She believes in preventive medicine, not just treating symptoms. She also believes education empowers her patients to be advocates for their own health. She strives to provide the most excellent care possible to each and every one of her patients. She enjoys all aspects of primary care from children to geriatrics, and loves taking care of the entire family!


Kristina Parsons

Kristina has been working as a nurse for 21 years, with 11 years in advanced practice. She has specialized in both gastroenterology and internal medicine. Her goals, as health care professional, are to promote wellness, educate and help improve quality of life for her patients.

Kristina, her husband, and their two children live in Parker County and enjoy traveling, baseball and spending time with their friends and family.

She considers it an honor and a blessing to serve her patients as a nurse practitioner. She states, “God has blessed me with the privilege to minister by providing comprehensive health care to individuals in my community and beyond.”